Why Graduates choose a Career in Recruitment


DATE: 18/04/18


So, you've finished university, earned your degree and are eager to get started with your career. You've got a great education, talent and enthusiasm in abundance - the only problem is, you're not sure what to do next. With so many options to choose from, it isn't always easy making key career decisions. This is particularly the case if your degree doesn't guide you into a specific profession, such as law, accounting or medicine.


No need to panic - in every year of university graduates, there are many individuals in the exact same position as you. This is why recruiters such as myself, feel required to write a post explaining the benefits of recruitment to graduates:



1. Money-


Recruitment is renowned for providing their employees with exceptional yearly earnings. A total of your basic salary, along with the regular financial incentives and the high commission structure means that you can pay off your dreaded student loans quicker than the majority of other industries out there.


2. Progression-


You will hear so many success stories within the recruitment industry, due to the unrivaled progression that can be offered. There are many individuals who have started at an entry level and have climbed the ladder into a management position within their first 2 years.


3. Benefits-


Most recruiters offer a variety of other employment benefits to their employees, including pensions contributions, private healthcare, reward schemes, car allowances and childcare support. In global organisations such as Evidencia, there may be scope for international travel and progressing your career overseas.


4. Variety-


On average, individuals will leave their current job role within 4 years. One of the leading causes of people choosing to leave, is the lack of variety offered within their role. On any given day, you could be out and about meeting clients and candidates, negotiating contract rates, attending events, running interview sessions or trying to finalise important deals.


5. A challenge-


Recruitment is not for everyone, and as a new starter myself, I can tell you that there are new challenges that you will have to face every day. To thrive well, you do not need any experience but need to be an independent-minded, self-starter, have a high level of confidence and developed communication and influencing skills. The job itself can be challenging, but because of this the job satisfaction is second-to-none, as well as the financial rewards.



In summary, recruitment consultancies are eager to identify the next generation of talent, meaning there are plenty of attractive roles available for the right graduates. Working as a recruitment consultant, you have the opportunity to really show what you can do - and be well-rewarded for your achievements, even at an early stage.


To learn more information about the graduate benefits that recruitment, and exactly what Evidencia Scientific can offer you, please upload your CV and get in touch through the "Contact Us" section.

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