“The accuracy of Evidencia’s work has saved days of wasted time with interviewing unsuitable candidates – we have cut the time it takes us to recruit the right person by several weeks.”


“The knowledge that Evidencia has of the Commercialisation market has helped me to identify the job I was looking for – I didn’t feel that I was being pushed at any time, they actually listened to what I wanted and were able to guide and support me.”


“Our business challenges as we’ve grown have been tough, and in a smaller company, we don’t have the bandwidth to support a wrong hire. Thanks to Evidencia, we have been able to identify and secure the right people, and our growth has been hugely facilitated by them.”


“I would class Evidencia as our partner, rather than a supplier. They have worked tirelessly to understand not only our challenges and needs, but also the culture and methodology of our business. They have also worked with us to help us develop our hiring process and how we ‘sell’ ourselves to candidates. It has made a huge difference in a very positive way.”


“They understand this market space, and the wider Pharma industry. Their consultants are mature, with a fact based approach, and in a market where confidentiality is key, I felt entirely confident entrusting them with my candidacy. They suggested a few, very specific opportunities that fitted my needs, rather than just sending me everywhere.”


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